Why Canada?


Here are the Top 10 Reasons why Canada is the best study abroad destination:

1. Respectful, friendly people.  Canada is full of….Canadians!  Canadians have the reputation of being kind, respectful and open-minded towards other cultures.

2. High quality of education.  Canada’s education system has been ranked one of the best in world, and tuition fees are often lower than in other English-speaking countries.

3. Natural beauty and endless places to explore.  Long, sandy beaches, world-class ski mountains, pristine lakes and ancient forests….Canada has it all!

4. High standard of living.  The United Nations ranked Canada as the best country in the world to live, based on quality of life, safety, educational system, health care and national income.

5. Mild climate with 4 distinct seasons.  While Canada does experience snowy winters, it’s not always cold here!  Our summer temperatures range from 20-35 degrees Celcius, and temperatures in some cities like Victoria and Vancouver rarely drop below 0 degrees, even in winter!

6. Work opportunities.  Canada offers students the chance to work during or after their studies.  Many students can work part-time during their courses, and students who graduate from a recognized schools can work up to 3 years in Canada after graduation, allowing them to qualify for permanent residence status.

7. Something for everyone.  Canada’s endless course options will ensure that you find exactly the kind of program you are looking for.

8. A cultural mosaic.  Canadians have a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, which is what makes us unique!

9. Recreational activities.  If you want to try something new, Canada has it all!  Rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, ice skating, windsurfing… There’s nothing that you can’t do in Canada!

10. Accessibility.  Canada wants international students like you, and therefore the government has made studying in Canada accessible for qualified students.  So don’t wait!  Come and live your dreams here in Canada!